As children start their journey through St. John’s, they begin to learn phonics in creative ways. Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 receive daily phonics lessons. We use a range of approaches and practical activities, which are supported by Letters and Sounds and the Little Wandle Phonics programme. 

ts complete SSP has been built around the update (Letters and Sounds improving rates of progress 2021). Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised also draws on the latest research into how children learn best; how to ensure learning stays in children’s long term memory and how best to enable children to apply their learning to become highly competent readers..

Regular training and development days ensure that staff are equipped to teach with the expertise and skills required to promote excellent progress, as well as a love of reading.


Through phonics teaching, children will:

  • learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letters/letter groups using simple picture prompts

  • learn to write and form the letters/letter groups which represent the 44 sounds with the help

of fun phrases

  • learn to read and write words using sound blending

  • use high frequency sight words everyday e.g. I, like, because, he, she, my

We combine quality phonics teaching with a range of texts and the promotion of reading for

pleasure. St. John’s believes that this provides our pupils with the skills they need to have a

successful start to their lives as readers.


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