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The purpose of our RHSE curriculum is to prepare our children for life in modern Britain. We therefore ensure we focus our curriculum to meet the needs of our learners and think about what is important to our children growing up in Sandwell.  Our curriculum prepares them for the opportunities and challenges that they may face in later life.


It is our intent to teach the key skills that children will need to know in order to manage their social and personal development. We celebrate diversity within our school and value all ideas and feedback from our children. We support them to celebrate themselves and to be proud of their achievements. But we also need to prepare the children for some challenges that they may face in their lives such as bullying or an unhealthy relationship. Our curriculum helps children to understand what is acceptable and what isn’t and this in turn will support them to make decisions to keep themselves safe. We aim to support a child’s mental health by offering a safe environment for them to share and by teaching them self-regulation strategies. Teaching and learning in the classroom should show progression across all Key Stages within the PSHE core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world. Each phase builds on the vocabulary, knowledge and skills taught in the previous year to allow children to acquire further knowledge, know more and remember more.


Our RHSE curriculum is delivered weekly through our online programme called Kapow. This curriculum meets the requirements of the new statutory guidance which came into effect in September 2020. Our curriculum equips children with essential skills and understanding which supports them as they transition into secondary school and eventually into adulthood. Such topics include, healthy relationships, keeping safe online, looking for dangers when out of the home and basic first aid including how to make an emergency call. The new requirements have a dedicated topic based on health which covers changes in our bodies, diet and our mental health.  Such topics ensure that children are aware of changes within their bodies and will feel confident to discuss with adults should they need support. There are occasions when an issue may arise in class and teachers will add in a specific lesson to meet the needs of the class.

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